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            • Professional Design

              A senior design R & D team with rich experience, providing professional product design, mold design, mold flow analysis and other consulting services.

            • Well Made

              The mold manufacturing is strictly controlled through layers of processes, combined with cutting-edge equipment such as Makino CNC machines, to achieve high-precision mold production.

            • Efficient Production

              The most professional production team uses a scientific and rigorous system management model to rationally arrange production plans and shorten production delivery.

            • Strict Prosecution

              With precise testing equipment and the most rigorous quality control team, each product is strictly tested before leaving the factory.

            ABOUT USGuangzhou Best Rubber And Plastic Co.,Ltd.

            About Guangzhou Best Rubber And Plastic Co.,Ltd.

            Guangzhou Best Rubber And Plastic Co.,Ltd is located Guangzhou Baiyun District,we are a 600wquare meters' modern high-tech enterprise in the integration of R&D,OEM,ODM,production and market expansion of high performance engineering rubber and plastic products.

            Our products are widely used in food machinery,railways,mining machinery,Auto,environmental,sanitary,valves,hardware,electrical usage,medical usage office-usage,air-condition(R134A,R12,R22media),Hydraulic machinery,Engineer Machine,Textile ect.We are always standing at a top level for nearly 20 years by having a group of professional technicians,using advanced equipment,operating under a mature scientific management system which can help to inprove our quality in future higher challenging...

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            Strong adaptability to the environment
            Excellent high and low temperature resistance
            Good aging and corrosion resistance
            Long life and high safety

            Electronic Appliances

            Good flame resistance
            Good electrical insulation
            Higher hardness and good abrasion resistance

            Mechanical Industry

            Excellent mechanical properties
            Good dimensional stability
            Excellent fatigue resistance and abrasion resistance
            Good stretch and impact resistance

            Automotive Manufacturing

            Excellent weather resistance
            Good chemical resistance
            Excellent surface hardness
            Low coefficient of friction

            Medical Equipment

            Good hydrolysis resistance
            Chemical resistance
            Very high chemical stability
            Excellent resistance to high energy radiation

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